You can perform asanas, does that mean you can teach? Sitting in the seat of teacher is a skill and a privilege. Cultivating that voice takes time and practice. There is a difference between being an instructor and being an educator.

EFV affirms the idea that your own practice is the true source for your teaching and that your own practice reveals, breath by breath, a deeper glimpse into your authentic self.

In addition to the strong emphasis on the physical postures, functional anatomy, and alignment principles, EFV incorporates the more contemplative practices of meditation, energy anatomy, history, philosophy, and mythology. 

Photo: Lydia Mann


This training spans an nine-month period and is designed for working professionals, parents, and busy urban people who never thought they could make time to deepen their practice to this level.

We meet as a group one weekend per month beginning October (10-15 hrs minimum) and in between you fulfill the necessary credits (contact and non-contact hours) through mandatory small group sessions, public classes, visiting teachers’ lectures, home practice, journaling, practice teaching, office hours, and homework assignments.

The entire group stays connected daily via a private Facebook group; weekly via Amanda’s office hours; and monthly via our weekend sessions.

This training culminates in a mandatory weekend retreat in the country in May. Written and practical exams take place in June. Graduation celebration is also in June.

You can attend Amanda’s and select EFV graduates weekly public classes as a part of your tuition and to fulfill the public class requirement.

Homework includes reading from the required book list, essays, home practice, journaling, YogaAnatomy Fundamentals™ program, and weekly asana practice. Mandatory small group study, practice teaching, teacher observations, and exam preparation also take place between our monthly sessions.

We provide a fluent French/English assistant for tutoring when needed, however the training is conducted primarily in English.

While your English proficiency must be at a level that allows you to participate in group discussion, all reading comprehension and written homework assignments, and your written and practical exams, can be completed in French.


In this Teacher Training, we will cover:

  • Intro to Yoga Philosophy

  • Intro to Yoga History/Paths of Lineage

  • Intro to the Sacred Texts

  • Intro to Mythology

  • Intro to Sanskrit

  • The Families of Asanas: physical benefits, energetic benefits, contraindications

  • Teaching Techniques: finding your voice, creating a safe space, sequencing, adjustments, modifications

  • Intro to Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga

  • Fundamentals of Anatomy

  • Intro to Energy Anatomy

  • Pranayama Techniques

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Intro to Ayurveda

  • Ethical Agreements of a Yoga Teacher

  • Business of Yoga



  • 18-20 October, 2019

  • 15-16 November, 2019

  • 13-15 December, 2019

  • 17-19 January, 2020

  • 14-16 February, 2020

  • 13-15 March, 2020

  • 17-19 April, 2020

  • Retreat 29-31 May, 2020

  • Written and practical exams
    take place in June.

  • Graduation celebration is also in June.


  • 2 years of regular practice

  • A brief letter of reference from your primary teacher (via email)

  • Basic proficiency in spoken and written English

  • A medical clearance from your general practitioner declaring you fit to participate

  • Personal computer and basic proficiency with: email, MS Word, Google docs, Facebook (and other social media tools,) and updated software that enables you to watch videos in various formats


PARIS, France
BASSE-NORMANDIE / L’Oustalou, at Amanda’s rustic fermette. The retreat will precede final exams.


3 400€ (3 250€ if paid in full by 1 June.)

This includes the entire credentialed Yoga Alliance certified program EXCEPT your required books.