The diversity of EFV is reflected in the diverse and varied choices EFV graduates make after graduation. From studio teaching, to volunteer service, to working with kids, to designing a yoga program for their workplace, to creating a yoga community from scratch in a remote part of the world, to weaving their artistic passions into their teaching in creative ways… Some have chosen to teach, others have chosen to allow the EFV experience to inform their lives in ways other than teaching asana. It’s all yoga.

Whatever the choice, after successfully completing the training, they have a place to land: EFV Labs.

EFV Labs is an incubator designed to address the continuing education and professional development needs of EFV graduates. It is a community network that provides support for new teachers and practitioners who want to continue digging deep in many forms: ongoing trainings, sustainable business development, a fellowship program for small non-profit service projects, social events, and tools for managing independent employment.

Most importantly EFV Labs can provide general group support for how to navigate the quickly shifting landscape of the modern yoga learning environment and its role in the context of our quickly shifting world.

EFV Labs is a project that has grown from the brainchild of Claire Ditte’s EFV Yr 2 Community Service project. Claire’s original notion was that new yoga teachers cannot and should not work in isolation and that we’ll all be more successful valuing collaboration over competition.

Photo: Lydia Mann 


EFV Labs’ goal is to support wise and discerning yoga teacher leadership by providing:

  • Continuing Education - Trainings (Yoga Alliance Certified & CE credits)
  • Continuing Education - Services 
  • Continuing Education - Practice
  • Continuing Education - Fellowship
  • And FUN!

EFV Labs is a safe place to live the multi-dimensional experience of being a new teacher and where to ask for help when needed.

EFV Labs is the antidote to new yoga teachers working in isolation, without support or connection.

EFV Labs is a community and a collaboration.



Amanda Dates /Program Director
Claire Ditte / EFV Labs Manager
Sharon Bales / Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga, Kids’ Yoga
Cécile Roubaud / Yin Yoga
Queenie Chan and Martine Trélaün / Sustainable Business Development
Martine Trélaün / Energy Anatomy
Susanna Harwood Rubin / Intro to Hindu Mythology