Expansion, Freedom & Voice: Paris Sessions

From October-April, we come together each month in Paris for a long, concentrated weekend as a full group to cover all the major modules, sub-modules, and monthly content themes. We host highly skilled visiting instructors, do thorough exam review, and of course share lots and lots of practice teaching with constructive feedback in a safe, non-judgemental learning environment.

Beginning mid-way through the program, we engage in an Ethical Agreement Process. The objective of this democratic group process is to design a five-part Ethical Agreement document for EFV graduates who may eventually want to teach, using the framework of the most fundamental “principles” of the practice, the Yamas & Niyamas. The document is completed and signed at graduation.

Expansion, Freedom & Voice: Retreat at L’Oustalou

In May, we leave the city and all other obligations/distractions behind for a spring camping weekend in the French countryside. The location is L’Oustalou, the rustic fermette that is a work in progress and a labor of love. We bring finishing touches to content, do a bit of exam preparation, but mostly we relax, hike, eat wholesome seasonal meals, breathe the clean air, and spend one last weekend together, celebrating the nearly nine months of an amazing physical, mental, and emotional investment in our new community, EFV.